Don’t want to watch hours of web video? For just the highlights, check out a little bit of South Fence, Board of Regents 2017, Good Morning from Alpine, Texas, and Rush Hour. I love all of my films, but those four are a fair representative sample.

This is a short piece I edited for BRI for use at a fundraising event. The footage is reminder of how lucky we are to live in the Big Bend region.

Mural in a Weekend is a time-lapse and interview project I produced with my students as part of a summer documentary production class. The students did the bulk of the shooting and interview work.

South Fence is a project I wrote and co-directed with Marjie Scott. I also served as DP and Editor. We made this film as part of the Summer Fiction Production class, raising $4k through to cover the production costs of the film. This is the first cut, which means that there's lots to fix from a story perspective, and dozens, if not hundreds, of technical problems to address. A second cut is in progress. We have two pickups to shoot and may drop one or two scenes from the next cut. Once the picture is locked, the film will move to the sound department for sound editing, effects, mixing, and score. The final step will be color correction. Anticipate completion Spring 2019. We're currently planning our festival strategy.

The Wagon Wheel Ranch piece was produced as a service to the University during a fundraising campaign to improve and enlarge the facilities for the equine science program. Horses are a huge area of interest for me.I shot and edited this piece for the Texas State Board of Regents visit in August 2017. The film focuses on recent alumni success stories. The production required me to travel to San Diego and New York for interviews.
Board of Regents video for 2015, featuring programs across the university.
Board of Regents video for 2013, featuring programs across the university.
Second cut of a documentary produced for festival consideration. I was the lead editor on the project. 

This is a series of eight social media shorts I made for the City of Alpine to promote tourism. I directed, shot, edited, and composed the music. 1 of 8
2 of 8
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This is a 30-second television commercial comprised of footage from the eight social media shorts. Will air in local markets - El Paso, Midland/Odessa, etc.